The Biggest news in the Bicycling Industry! MERIDA have released our most popular selling eMTB!

Introducing MERIDA’s new eTRILOGY Range: The Ultimate in Performance and Versatility

eONE-SIXTY and eONE-FORTY electric mountain bikes.


MERIDA’s all-new eTRILOGY range redefines eMTB performance, offering three distinct models to cater to every rider's needs:

eONE-SIXTY CF: A full-power, high-performance eMTB. An all-carbon, lightweight eMTB with 170 mm front and 174 mm rear travel, a fully integrated 600 Wh battery extendable to 960 Wh, and maximum handling performance.

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eONE-SIXTY LITE: offers maximum range combined with full-level support and perfect trail performance. Featuring the same travel as the CF model, this all-aluminium bike offers a 750 Wh removable battery upgradeable to over 1100 Wh for maximum range and trail performance.

Explore the MERIDA eONE-SIXTY 875 >>

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eONE-FORTY LITE: Designed for versatility, this bike is ideal for everyday use and outstanding trail performance with a large 750 Wh removable battery extendable to over 1100 Wh.

See the MERIDA eONE-FORTY 400 >>


All MERIDA eTRILOGY bikes share key features like MERIDA’s e-MTB-specific version of the FAST kinematic suspension, P-FLEX flexstay technology (eONE-SIXTY), and AGILOMETER sizing system for a perfect fit. Powered by Shimano's latest EP801 motors, these bikes offer maximum performance and user-friendliness.


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