Top Must-Have Accessories for Commuting Cyclists


In the bustling world of commuter biking, having the right accessories can make your journey not only smoother but also more enjoyable. Whether you're a seasoned urban cyclist or just starting to pedal your way to work, these are our top 10 must-have accessories.

They are all available at your local Bicycle Centre store, across Australia


Quality Bike Lights:

Illuminate your path and stay visible in traffic with high-quality front and rear lights. Opt for rechargeable ones to save money and reduce environmental impact. We recommend Ravemen lights. See the range


Bicycle Lock:

Protect your bicycle with a reliable bike lock. Look for one that's both durable and portable, striking the right balance between security and convenience. Check out the Hiplok and Magnum Range of Bike locks


Comfortable Saddle:

Long commutes can be hard on your backside. Invest in a comfortable, ergonomically designed saddle for a more enjoyable ride. Fizik make a great range of bike saddles


Waterproof Backpack or Panniers:

Keep your belongings dry during unexpected rain showers. Waterproof backpacks or panniers are essential for protecting your laptop, documents, and personal items. Bike bags come in a range of shapes and sizes. See us in store for more or check these out online.



Navigate through wet and muddy streets without worrying about stains on your clothes. Fenders are a simple yet effective solution for keeping you and your bike clean. Visit your nearest Bicycle Centre and check out the range of fenders to suit your bike and style of riding.


Bike Bell:

Ensure you're heard and seen on busy streets and bike paths with a loud, attention-grabbing bike bell. It's a safety feature that's often overlooked but can be incredibly useful.


Multi-Tool Kit:

Be prepared for any minor repairs on the go. A compact multi-tool kit with essentials like a tyre lever, chain breaker, and screwdrivers is a commuter's best friend.


Reflective Gear:

Enhance your visibility, especially during low-light conditions. Reflective vests, stickers, or clothing can significantly increase your safety on the road.


Smartphone Mount:

Keep your navigation handy and accessible by mounting your smartphone on your handlebars. A secure mount ensures you can follow your route without distractions.


Investing in these must-have accessories will not only enhance your daily commute but also contribute to a safer and more enjoyable biking experience. Whether you're zipping through traffic or taking the scenic route, these accessories will make your commute more convenient, comfortable, and stylish. Happy riding!