Ever heard of Steve Peat? With 17 UCI World Cup wins, 4 World Championship wins, and 52 UCI World Cup podiums, he’s something of a legend. He’s a hero of mountain biking and now he’s also the father of Peaty’s, a UK-based  brand with a signature blue and a focus on making user-friendly and environmentally-conscious bike cleaning products.


The team behind Peaty’s have a history in riding so they know what they need their products to do. They don’t compromise on quality but take pride in being eco friendly. This doesn’t mean they wrap everything in hemp and bamboo. Instead, they focus on making their products something you’ll want to use rather than throw away and they’re packaged econically and sustainably.


Tubeless Sealant

Peaty’s tubeless sealant seals quickly and effectively and the biodegradable glitter platelets (yes, biodegradable glitter platelets) take care of any holes and tears up to 6mm in size. Oh, and it’s also non-hazardous, ammonia-free, non-toxic and can last up to six months. The packaging is also designed so that you can refill a 120mL bottle (perfect for stashing in bags, gloveboxes or toolkits) from a 1L bottle, a 1L bottle can be refilled from a 5L bottle and so on.

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Rimjob Rim Tape

Rim tape is one of those things that’s been terrible for years but with valve and tape issues being so common, Peaty’s set out to make a product that could help. Rimjob rim tape is primed with an adhesive that keeps a strong hold but leaves minimal mess when removed. The translucent design also makes it easy to find the valve hole and serial numbers as well.

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Tubeless Valves

There’s nothing worse than looking at a beautiful top-spec carbon rim and seeing that it has a regular brass valve with a plastic valve cap. The Peaty’s tubeless valves will save you from struggling to keep pressure in your tyres and, being made from premium 7075 aluminium, they’re designed to stay with you for life. In fact, if you manage to break yours, Peaty’s will replace the part free of charge. Oh, and they’re available in 42mm or 60mm lengths and nine different Chris King colourways (or black).

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Tubeless Conversion Kit

Do you want to convert your bike to a fully-optimised tubeless setup? The Peaty’s tubeless conversion kit is the way to go with its clever recycled packaging that displays an easy-to-follow quick start guide. Each kit includes rimjob rim tape, black tubeless valves and tubeless sealant. Four different packs are available depending on what style bike you want to convert too.

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It should be illegal for cleaners to dribble off the bike and onto the floor but, unfortunately, that’s not illegal and those products are out there. The Peaty’s loamfoam is tough on dirt, safe to use on all bike surfaces (including discs, brake pads and carbon), biodegradable, and easy to use. There is also a loamfoam concentrate available and regular loamfoam bottles are marked with a refill line if you opt to refill them with loamfoam concentrate.

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Foaming Drivetrain Degreaser

Everybody loves riding but not everybody loves mud, and those that do love mud probably don’t like all of the cleaning and maintenance that is needed on a bike because of it. The Peaty’s foaming drivetrain degreaser readily strips oils and greases off the chain without stripping the grease out of bearings and damaging the sensitive bike parts. The clever flip nozzle design also allows for you to choose between mist or foam spraying options.

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This one may as well be magic. The two-part formula of Peaty’s linklube cleans inside your chain by driving out moisture, grit and grime and replacing them with a unique blend of waxes and oils. You’ll notice the two parts when the bottle sits still for a little while and the clear base lube floats the top and the mysterious blue secret sauce falls to the bottom.

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Like what you hear? Peaty’s products are available at your local Bicycle Centre.

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