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The SHIMANO STEPS E7000 has inherited many of the exceptional technologies used in Shimano’s high performance e-mountain bike system the E8000, which currently serves as the undisputed benchmark in the e-MTB industry. Among these technologies, the light compact drive unit allows the geometry for an ebike to be the same as a normal mountain bike for a natural riding experience. It also carries over the drive unit’s intuitive power-assist which matches your pedalling effort.

The SHIMANO STEPS E7000 series will inspire you to ride all day, every day by delivering an exceptional e-bike riding experience.

The E7000 drive unit tips the scales at an impressive weight of 2.88 kg. This is most noticeable when pedalling past the motor’s assistance speed limit of 25km/h and reach the gradual transition from the motor’s power to yours. The almost silent drive unit propels a stable 250W with the maximum power output of 60Nm for a solid ride over all types of terrain.

The following bikes have the SHIMANO STEPS E7000 series?