We all have our reasons for things, and taking up cycling is no exception. Whether you’re wanting to save more money, live a more eco-friendly life, or boost your fitness, it’s clear that riding your bike has many benefits.


Do you still need some convincing? We’ve made a list of some of the many benefits to riding you bike.


It boosts your mental wellbeing


This applies to most forms of exercise but exercising releases endorphins, which are naturally-produced chemicals that respond to stress and fear by supplying you with feelings of pleasure and well-being – there’s a reason why they’re known as the “feel good” chemicals.


Along with a good dose of endorphins, cycling allows you to improve your confidence by achieving new things. Riding your bike solo gives you some quality alone time and riding in a group gives you a chance to broaden your social circle and connect with friends.


Environmentally friendly


Did you know that twenty bicycles can fit in the same amount of space as one car?


It almost goes without saying that riding your bike is a simple adjustment that leads to a more environmentally-friendly life. The production of a bike uses only a fraction of the materials and energy when compared to the production of a car. As well as that, riding a bike produces no pollution (yes, that includes e-bikes) and it’s a much more efficient way to travel than by foot.


Plus you don’t have to fight for parking in busy places like popular cafes or the office and that’s always a bonus.


Low impact on your body and gentle on your joints


There are many benefits to riding your bike that are exercise related. Unlike most sports, it’s an activity you can do by yourself and at your own pace with just your bike and helmet. Are you now thinking that it might be better to just go for a run?


Whether you’re recovering from an injury or trying to prevent one, cycling is a non-weight bearing form of exercise and therefore has a lower impact on your body. In comparison to long-distance running, cyclists typically have much less muscle damage and inflamtion.


The gradual and repetitive motions your body makes as you ride a bike are also great for your joints, especially in the lower limbs. It puts less stress on your weight-bearing joints (such as your hips, knees and ankles) and the movement of cycling helps reduce pain and stiffness by lubricating the joints.


Improve your brain power


More brain cells? Yes please!


Cycling helps you build new brain cells in a region called the hippocampus, which is responsible for memory and starts deteriorating from the age of 30.


While cycling, the blood flow in your brain will increase and, in some areas of the brain, your blood will continue to flow at an increased level after you stop cycling.


If you would like to learn a bit more about the impact of cycling on brain health, check out this study from 2013


Enjoy your daily routine more


Unlike time at the gym, cycling is easy to integrate into your daily routine. Riding your bike to and from work is a great way to avoid traffic and depending on how close your work is to your home, it may even be the quickest way to get there! If you live a longer distance from work you could also consider riding to a bus stop or train station, and then using your time on public transport to go through emails or read a book (much better than sitting in traffic, right?). Another option is to ride an e-Bike to add a bit of speed and make your life a bit easier. Browse our range of e-Bikes here. 


Cycling is also an activity that is not restricted by age, making it a great family activity that gets everybody moving. If you have a dog that doesn’t seem to get tired from its walks you could also train them to respond well on a lead while you’re riding your bike. This will get your dog running and although it might exhaust your beloved pup, you may hardly break a sweat.


Do you eye off that croissant in the café next door from work? Getting in some daily exercise through cycling is a great way to burn calories and you may find yourself a bit hungrier. The exciting thing is that means you don’t have to feel as bad about a second breakfast or a cheeky snack.


There are many different benefits to riding your bike and it can be a fun and enjoyable way to add some more exercise to your daily routine.


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