With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to spread now’s as good a time as ever to get on your bike. Cycling is a great way to stay physically and mentally healthy while social distancing and even getting out of the house.


Ride solo

Take inspiration from Jason Derulo and start riding solo

We all love a good social ride but unfortunately now’s not the time. Of course it feels like an instinct to ride in groups but even if you think you’re able to ride with someone while keeping the required social distance now isn’t the time to risk it. There are many benefits to riding your bike solo. Not only can you pick your own route and time but it’s the ultimate way to get out of your own head and spend some quality time with your bike. If you really miss going for social rides (trust us, we understand) then maybe consider signing up for Zwift as well.


Consider shorter routes

Now’s the time to perfect your local route

It’s still perfectly fine to venture outside for exercise but it’s best to stay as close to home as possible and ride a shorter route. Unfortunately if we get exhausted far away from home these days and need a rest there aren’t as many cafes open to help out and the ones that are open only do takeaways anyway. This is a great time to create your own short routes and make use of your local trails and paths. If you are used to riding long distances maybe every week or so consider trying to ride for only thirty minutes or so every day.


Prioritise your health

Cycling is an excellent way to stay physically and mentally healthy

It almost goes without saying that it’s incredibly important to stay home if you feel sick and to adopt the advice of your state and federal government. In saying that, though, it’s also important to keep a healthy lifestyle in place. Getting outside to exercise is a great way to stay physically active and to give your mental health a boost – after all, it’s very easy to feel a bit anxious with all of the changes that are happening across the country.


Dust off the old bike… or why not treat yourself and buy a new one!

Bicycle Centre’s are still open – find your local store here 

Maybe it’s been a little while since you jumped on you bike and it needs a little bit of a clean and maintenance. Or maybe you’ve been eyeing off a new model for a little while (don’t forget that our Bikes on Sale is still on – check the sale here!). Contact your local Bicycle Centre and see if they’ve changed their opening hours. If you want to take your bike in for a service or purchase a new one but want to do so as safely as possible that’s perfectly fine!