Visit the friendly team at Bicycle Centre Mildura for all your Cycling needs.

Whether you want a full service, wheel build or just solid advice, we know bikes. We stock a fantastic range of international leading bike brands such as MERIDA, Lapierre, Norco, and DK BMX.

Whether you are on the pro circuit or want to take the family out for a leisurely ride, Bicycle Centre Mildura has all the essentials to get you riding.


We also have experienced mechanics who are happy to help you out with any bike issues or servicing needs. See the Servicing page to find out more.

Shop Training Rides

Join us for a shop training ride! Give us a call us to find out when and where they're happening.

Bike Hire

We provide a large range of hire bikes for all riding styles. All bikes are regularly maintained and in excellent working order.

Bike fit

At Bicycle Centre Mildura we offer a Bikefit process to get you riding at your optimum level. Finding the right size bike is very important.

There are many benefits to improving your bike position:

•   You will be faster, with less effort
•   Correct pedalling technique will be natural
•   You will be more comfortable
•   The bike will feel more stable
•   You will experience less muscle soreness and lactic build up
•   You will experience less saddle discomfort

Variances in body sizes, proportions, levels of fitness, flexibility, and age all affect a cyclist’s best position on the bike.

At Bicycle Centre Mildura we take the time to go through every aspect of these variances to achieve the best bike fit.  We then instruct you in proper pedalling technique in and out of the saddle.

Whether you ride on the road, track or fire trail, we can fit your bike to you.

Give us a call or visit the store to find out more!

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