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When Ike Tseng established the first Merida factory in Taiwan in 1972, he was not driven by ambition for success or wealth, but by a question of honour. While travelling through the USA, Tseng had come across a US bike shop which entrance sign stated unmistakably, that any repair of Taiwanese bikes was strictly refused there – due to the unacceptable quality of the latter. Defiantly, the then 40-year-old Tseng decided to change exactly that issue and founded a bike company with the objective to improve the quality of Far East bikes.

Today, Merida produces 3 million bikes at three locations and is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of quality bikes. The past 40 years of tradition and experience in the production of first-class bicycles represents close teamwork with the R&D department in Germany and co-operation with premium supplier’s right through to expert manufacturing. Each and every step taken to produce a Merida bike is performed at a premium level.

With over 80 bikes represented across multiple cycling disciplines Merida is sure to have a bike that suits your needs.

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  • Mountain Bikes

    Mountain Bikes Merida mountain bikes range from performance orientated dual suspension race machines to every day no compromise bikes perfect for your local trails. These bikes are perfect for fun loving enduros, or full throttle on the XC track through to free-riding on your favourite downhill. All Merida mountain bikes, be it carbon or alloy are purpose designed for their specific application.

  • Road Bikes

    Road Bikes Merida road bikes are the perfect choice of high-tech equipment for the pro road riders and triathletes who race on the international circuit, or for the everyday weekend warrior who likes to ride with ease and efficiency. Always remembering when the route is a long one, comfort is vital– this simple but very important aspect of all mobility applies equally to road bicycles.

  • Recreational Bikes

    Recreational Bikes Recreational bikes are great for two wheeled rides on a laid back weekend. Don’t compete for car spaces or enter city traffic, why not enjoy a relaxing cycle after a busy working week on one of Merida’s City or Cruiser bike series.

  • Ladies Bikes

    Ladies Bikes Specific requirements call for specific solutions – the attitude of the Merida engineers who develop the ideal bike for every rider. You’re a woman and you like to bike. Do you also ask yourself why it seems sometimes extremely difficult to find a bike which is ideally suitable for you? Merida offers a very easy solution: simply choose the bike which suits you best. Because in the end, the fun is everything that counts.

  • Kids Bikes

    Kids Bikes Out into the fresh air, through the forest with friends, membership in a bike club or the daily, healthy and relaxed way to school. There are enough good reasons to place your child on a bike. And to ensure real cycling fun, you should choose the right bike from the start. In these young days, we often do not realise how untroubled a child’s life can be. It’s a real blessing to be free from the obligations and responsibilities of adult life – and instead to be allowed to think freely about answers to questions like the choice of their first bike.

  • E-Bikes

    E-Bikes Have hours of fun on an ebike. Whether you want to hit the trails or need a quality ebike for the daily commute Bicycle Centre stores have you covered… Ebikes are great for: - Saving time and money. Beat the traffic, and don’t worry about paying for parking or petrol! Plus no special license or registration is required! - No more public transport! Have a great start to the day by ebiking to the office or coffee shop. - Ebikes are easy to use. You still have to pedal, however the pedal assist will help you with a little more power to get your further with less energy. - Great for fitness and fun! Riding an electric bike is so much fun, it’s easy to forget that you are exercising as well! - Lighter carbon footprint: Ebikes don’t consume gas and thus emits a lot less carbon than a car would.

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