Indi Bikes are an inexpensive and great way for the whole family to enjoy hours of cycling fun!
Indi's fun and affordable range of family bikes are designed in Australia and are built for Australian conditions.
Pick your riding style and we’ve got the bike for you.

Cruiser - Retro/Vintage Bikes

The Indi Cruiser bikes are made to let you stop and put your feet on the ground without having to get off the saddle. They offer comfort for when you run quick errands or weekend rides with friends.

Kids Bikes

Indi kids bikes are light in weight but tough and durable. From getting their very first bike to learning to use gears and tearing it up at the park, there is an Indi to suit every child's skill level. 

  • Recreational Bikes

    Recreational Bikes Stability and comfort! Recreational bikes are perfect for the rider who wants a bike to ride to work, use for errands, meet up with friends, ride to the pub or take for a relaxing weekend outing.

  • Ladies Bikes

    Ladies Bikes Ladies bikes bring effortless style, comfort and an irrepressible sense of fun to every ride.

  • Kids Bikes

    Kids Bikes Riding around the park, or cruising along the foot path with parents, kids bikes provide a quality option to enjoy the fun, fitness and pure pleasure that children get from riding a bike.

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