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ADAMS Bike Accessories  

In 1986 Adams was started around a simple idea: Create great products that make riding a bicycle easier and more fun for the whole family. This idea spawned the Adams Trail-A-Bike, a name that is now synonymous with an entire category of bicycles.  Providing an easy solution for getting kids involved in cycling and a safe way to introduce proper riding and traffic habits, the Trail-A-Bike took off.

After more than 20 years the line has evolved to include six models of the legendary Trail-A-Bike, a plethora of accessories and add-ons, and the Runner – now considered by many to be the best way to introduce young children to riding a bicycle.

We're proud of what we've created and continue to follow our original idea by making the best products we can for families everywhere. Like most things in life there are many options, but there is only one original; The Adams Trail-A-Bike.



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