Bicycle Centre Carnegie and BMC ambassador Lachy Green

Hi, I’m Lachlan Green.

I’m a triathlete born and bred at the base of the Dandenongs in Melbourne. I’ve been racing triathlons since 2011. My first race was a sprint distance at the Gatorade series in St Kilda, ever since then I’ve been hooked on the sport, meeting so many friendly like minded people making friends all over the globe throughout my travels and racing.

This year has been a huge challenge for me training for Cairns Ironman which was initially going to be a race to hold my fitness, but my goals quickly changed as I got fitter leading into the race. On the day I had a great swim, pedalled my TM01 into 1st off the bike by 10mins and ran well to finish 2nd in my age group, qualifying me for Kona again. Now we are ongoing a huge renovation on our house, we’ve got a puppy and a goal to perform at Kona.
So basically my schedule is free!

Once we got back to Melbourne, My partner (Emma) and I quickly realised what we’d just committed to. I say ‘we’ because it’s definitely a team effort preparing for a race like Hawaii. Currently we’re renovating half of our house and sleeping in our dining room which is not ideal for recovery or quality shut eye.
I had to organise my priorities and updating my bike was high on the priority list. I was riding the 2014/15 TM01 which I’d had for 2 years and thought there was no point updating my bike as it was perfectly suited for me. BMC then released the new TM01 in Hawaii last year. With an updated design and very practical features for triathlon, I was hooked on it. Having a stable of BMC’s, I am a true lover of the brand mainly due to the incredibly high quality of each design and build, the bikes are designed to fit to the rider not the other way around which is what I need.

My lead up to Hawaii so far has been uneventful, just getting the work done as best as I can from week to week. I love the training and the amount of input you need from everyone close to you to allow the training to be completed as required. My current training load is 21-24hrs per week, once you add on full time work, travel time to and from work and training sessions there isn’t much time left for anything else.
As full on as the training commitments become, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am quite fit and healthy, I get to ride and race on my favourite bike on the market and travel to some incredible places.
Hawaii this year will be about learning from last years miss fortunes, doing plenty of course recon before hand and nailing my race plan on the day.

I can’t wait!


Lachlan Green (Riding for Bicycle Centre Carnegie and BMC)

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